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Play the live events in the madden mobile game to win the trophy March 14, 2017

In the first sixteen games the player has the chance to lose any game in the series of sixteen but in the final three if they lose it automatically end the season. During the game the player has to face many challenges and this reward the users with a pack of cards. The player can act as either a receiver or a blocker. There is a game mode called live events in which the player will be able participate in the live events. The player could have the stamina from the range of one to ten and it depends on the player.

On completing the events the player will get a reward like pack of cards, some coins and also points of experience. Apart from the live events there are also three daily events in the madden mobile game. Legacy live event give the chance to the players to play with other teams and this facility was not present in the previous season of madden mobile game. The daily events need to be completed by the player for more times in a day or in order to get the rewards. Seasonal live events may occur during Christmas, Easter, etc. Head to head mode is a social mode in this the players have to compete with each other for the six drives. In the six drives three drives for each one to compete against the players. First drive needs to play by one player and the second drive has to play by opponent in an alternate manner. In order to earn the rewards the players have to spend their own money and without spending the money there is other way to get the rewards is madden mobile hack and through this tool the player may able to buy the rewards to win the championship.

The player will also join to a league and it provides interaction among the players in the madden mobile game and within the league of the player compares to each other in the head to head mode. During the league tournament the members in the league can play as a team. All the players who are participating in the league tournament will be given three drives and in these three drives the player has to score as best as he can with the competing league.

By winning the tournament the winner can earn two collectibles and one for the loser. When the tournament ends in a draw the players will get three collectibles each. And these collectibles are used to get the gold and silver players to win the championship. The players have to compete with each other and based on the performance in the tournament the player will get the rank. To get the coin or the players for their team the player has to complete the given sets. While completing the sets, the player needs some collectibles and he will able to collect those collectibles by playing the live events or from the pack of cards. The sets are organized into different category and it leads the player to win the trophy. After completing these sets an elite player will be given by the gamer. From the auction house the player may buy the cards. Cover of the athlete depends upon the winner vote of the madden mobile game.

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People impression of SimCity buildit


The SimCity buildit game is becoming a addictive game and many players are spending lots of time to play and they don’t know how long they are playing. In this game the player has to develop a city and the player has to face several stages and many events to unlock the higher levels. The player allowed to play freely in designing the layout of construction and keenly focusing on service buildings which help the citizen of the city. The player should cross some levels in order to unlock higher utility such as cargo ships, airport, leisure sites such as water parks, kids landmark etc, in realistic manner.

Reasons for success

 The game play made a huge success mainly because of the featured characters designed in realistic manner in the game platform. In advance there may occurs natural disasters to the city such as tsunami, earth quake, flood on other hand there may also arise some non natural calamities due to clash between people of the city.

The mayor featured character is the main reason for gaining extra point in the review and made the game play to be successful. If mayor goes on focusing on city development with several building construction with the help of game guide to gains extra simcity buildit free simcash which in turn add the additional component that keeps the game play exists in higher level.

The three dimensional designing features of the game makes it more popular to play this 3D features allows the player to spin, zoom, pinch and rotate the display all over the city in 360 view these feature made game easier to the player.

Zones created in SimCity

 The player should look after on three main zones in SimCity buildit

  • Residential zone
  • Commercial zone
  • Industrial zone

All these zones are available with several public buildings which would maximize the city budget income due to tax on such constructions.

Mayor has responsibility to provide services to residential zone of the city several services provided are listed below

Services provided based on the number of people in residential zone

  • Power
  • Water
  • Waste management
  • Sewage

Services provided based on the space available in the residential zone

  • Fire
  • Police stations
  • Health care center
  • Government amenities for security

Building available in higher levels

 SimCity buildit if player clears all the levels then he can able to unlock the higher levels which consists of several default public service buildings which cannot be added or removed by the mayor such as

  • Airports
  • Trade deports
  • Club house
  • Contest tower
  • Global trade HQ
  • Ports
  • Mayor’s tower

 Specialized buildings

 As a city specialization buildings and based on the population rate mayor has to build several public service building within the government place which provides several public services such as  Parks, Education, Transport facilities, entertainment, gambling building, famous land mark, beach, mountain and religious worship buildings.

Based on all these facts people gets more impression in SimCity buildit game play and tends to play this game continuously. In order to make easier for player Simcity buildit game is available for android and iOS mobile devices too through which player can enjoy the game in full-fledged manner.

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Excellent features in the NBA live mobile game

If you are willing to play the amazing basketball video game then NBA live series is the best choice because it is developed by the EA Canada and EA Tiburon. This game is developed by the EA sports so most of the people are willing to play this game. It is supporting all kinds of the mobile platforms which is including

  • Playstation
  • Nintendo 64
  • Playstation 2
  • iPhone
  • Xbox one
  • iPod touch

In a NBA live mobile game players can build their team and people might also connect with the live events in every year. If you are starting to play this game then you might not get rid of from the game because it is having the amazing gameplay.

Everything to know about the NBA payoffs


In fact NBA live mobile is the predecessor of the NBA payoff series and it is releasing in the year of the 1989 so that it is compatible to use the MS-DOS. If you are the fan of basket ball then people might thoroughly enjoy the game. Players can run their team based on their desire because they can build their desire franchise. It is designing with the vast numbers of the features and ea sports are announcing the live events in each week. It is having the ultimate features of the basketball lifestyle. In a NBA live mobile game players are rewarding by the real life matchups and it is also having the vast numbers of the game modes are there in a game such as head to head and seasons mode. Basically this game is brought next generation of the mobile gameplay and it is requiring the constant internet connection so that people can play this game without facing any kinds of the problems. If you are winning a game then people might get the vast numbers of the coins and packs which is sufficient for unlocking the certain activities. In case you are willing to win a game then people can use the nba live mobile coin hack. In a modern world most of the people are offering the positive feedback to this game and ea sports are also offering the vast number of the holiday pack to their player. It is having the amazing gameplay and it is the best place to play real time competitive basketball game.

Amazing features in the NBA live mobile game

As everyone knows NBA live mobile is the most popular video game in online and there are vast numbers of series games are there for this game. This game is supporting all kinds of the mobile platforms and it is totally free to play. Most of the teenagers and adults are willing to play this play and it is having the vast numbers of the features. People might also play against with the 2017 all kinds of the star teams. If you are working as the team then player can easily win a game without facing any kinds of the problems.

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