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Play the live events in the madden mobile game to win the trophy March 14, 2017

In the first sixteen games the player has the chance to lose any game in the series of sixteen but in the final three if they lose it automatically end the season. During the game the player has to face many challenges and this reward the users with a pack of cards. The player can act as either a receiver or a blocker. There is a game mode called live events in which the player will be able participate in the live events. The player could have the stamina from the range of one to ten and it depends on the player.

On completing the events the player will get a reward like pack of cards, some coins and also points of experience. Apart from the live events there are also three daily events in the madden mobile game. Legacy live event give the chance to the players to play with other teams and this facility was not present in the previous season of madden mobile game. The daily events need to be completed by the player for more times in a day or in order to get the rewards. Seasonal live events may occur during Christmas, Easter, etc. Head to head mode is a social mode in this the players have to compete with each other for the six drives. In the six drives three drives for each one to compete against the players. First drive needs to play by one player and the second drive has to play by opponent in an alternate manner. In order to earn the rewards the players have to spend their own money and without spending the money there is other way to get the rewards is madden mobile hack and through this tool the player may able to buy the rewards to win the championship.

The player will also join to a league and it provides interaction among the players in the madden mobile game and within the league of the player compares to each other in the head to head mode. During the league tournament the members in the league can play as a team. All the players who are participating in the league tournament will be given three drives and in these three drives the player has to score as best as he can with the competing league.

By winning the tournament the winner can earn two collectibles and one for the loser. When the tournament ends in a draw the players will get three collectibles each. And these collectibles are used to get the gold and silver players to win the championship. The players have to compete with each other and based on the performance in the tournament the player will get the rank. To get the coin or the players for their team the player has to complete the given sets. While completing the sets, the player needs some collectibles and he will able to collect those collectibles by playing the live events or from the pack of cards. The sets are organized into different category and it leads the player to win the trophy. After completing these sets an elite player will be given by the gamer. From the auction house the player may buy the cards. Cover of the athlete depends upon the winner vote of the madden mobile game.

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